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About Event

Following a number of neuromuscular approvals recently, the 2nd Neuromuscular Drug Development (NMD) meeting will harness the excitement of the field whilst unravelling the complexities of developing safe and effective second generation therapeutics.

Registering for NMD will help you to:
  • Optimize the use of biomarkers and define clinically meaningful endpoints to improve patient stratification
  • Widen your awareness of the exciting progress in the clinical landscape to benchmark yourself against your competitors
  • Address the limited population size and develop strategies to overcome patient access leading to larger study groups
  • Discover the advances in preclinical models and how best to navigate the limitations to improve predictability
  • Discuss the regulatory issues surrounding rare disease drug development in order to improve standard of care

2 Interactive Workshops

2 Roundtable Discussions

2 Panel Discussions

7+ Hours of Networking

Join Biogen, Acceleron Pharma, Roche, Voyager and more at NMD this October - don’t miss this opportunity to unite with like-minded peers to overcome your roadblocks preventing you developing truly transformative neuromuscular treatments.